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How to create a better Instagram

A lot of people have asked me how to create a better Instagram account. Here are my tips for a better Instagram experience.

  1. Upgrade your Camera
  2. Create a Theme
  3. Create a Personal Brand

The number one thing you should do is get a camera that is not your phone camera. Forget about megapixels as that is just a myth. Image quality is related to sensor size. As for recommendations depends on your budget but my favorites at the 200 KD price tag are

  • Fuji XA2
  • Sony A6000

Both these Cameras would serve you well and have wifi so you can share images faster.

The second thing I want to talk about is a theme. Your account should have a theme going for it that fits your lifestyle. as well as the images should fit. You need to make a decision here but everything should more or less be centered around that theme.

Last but not least, create a personal brand. There are many things regarding the topic however, a personal brand is what identifies you, this goes back to theme in a sense but is much deeper. Having a signature look, for example like Steve Jobs.

These are my tips into creating a better instagram account and here is a picture of our account after the re-branding it went through to give you an example:




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