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5 photography Projects to boost your Creativity

I am a sucker for photography projects, but unfortunately I don’t complete most of the projects I start…

However, I have completed one project that I am proud of #100Strangers. Anywho, I thought I’d share with you some photography projects that may inspire you to start something different or something new.

  • A Day in Life:

This project is so interesting and fun to do. You’d actually document your day (24Hours).

From the moment you get up until the time you go to sleep.  What’s fun about this project is that the choices you make for shooting those photos that you believe they define your day.

  • 1 subject. 10 different photos:

You’d use one thing and shoot it 10 different ways. As simple as that.

  • I am thankful for:

Take photos of things you’re thankful to have.. This doesn’t have to revolve around objects, for example: I am thankful to have my friends so I’d snap a shot√

  • 365 Project

Wouldn’t be amazing to have 365 photos at the end of the year to collect them all in a journal or something? That would remind you of every special moment in every day in the year that’s about to end? You could also shoot something that made you sad? to remind you of how things change and all.. I’d do love this project but I’m like a month and 24 days behind so I should consider doing it in 2017.

  • B&W Week

For one week limit yourself to only taking photos in Black and White.

  • Pick a Color

For example, today you chose blue right? You’d shoot anything that is blue, or represents the color. This project will definitely help you observe more.



I believe those projects are fun and boosts up your creativity.

If you ever started a project I’d love to check it out.

Email it to me @ somood@urbanq8films.com 



I am also known as Q8poet271 from Instagram. You can call me Somood.| 25 years old | I aspire to be an individual that inspires people to believe in themselves and believe that anything and everything is possible.. As I wish to do that through my photography and writing.


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